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The Madeira archipelago is located on the African plate, in the Atlantic Ocean, between 30° and 33° north latitude, almost at the same latitude as Casablanca, 978 km south-west of Lisbon, almost 700 km west of the African coast, and 450 km north of the Canary Islands.

This archipelago is made up of Madeira Island, with a surface area of 740.7 km², Porto Santo, with a surface area of 42.5 km², the Desertas Islands, with a total of 14.2 km², for all its 3 uninhabited islands, and also the Selvagens Islands, whose 3 islands and 16 uninhabited islets together have a surface area of 3.6 km². Of the eight islands, only the two largest (Madeira and Porto Santo) are inhabited and their main access points are Madeira Airport in Funchal and Porto Santo Airport.

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Departure the 27 april 2023