Security Screening

When you have checked in your hold luggage, all passengers have to go through a security check before getting to the departure lounge.

  • Have your boarding card ready (magnetic, printed or on your mobile phone) and also your ID.
  • Before you go through the security archway put all metal objects likely to set off the alarm into one of the trays available (cash, keys, mobile phone, belt…).
  • Show the security officer : your cabin bag (travel bag, handbag); jacket and coat; laptops, cameras video cameras, etc. out of their cases; any liquid, gel, paste or cream in a clear, re-sealable bag; baby food; liquid medication with a medical prescription in your name.
  • After passing through security, check that you have not left any belongings behind

If you have any medical implant or device sensitive to magnetic fields remember to bring a doctor’s certificate with you and show it to the security officer before you pass through the archway.