Identity card, passport and visa

All European citizens must present a valid passport (a National Identity Card is only acceptable for citizens of the Schengen area) before flying. Failure to present valid travel documents will result in access refusal. Every minor, whatever their age, has to have either a valid ID card or a passport in order to leave the country. The “family book” is not sufficient.

Pregnant women

Many airlines require a medical or fit to fly certificate for pregnancies. Please contact your airline for details.

Unaccompanied minors

Persons under 18, who are travelling alone, should carry a certain number of documents. The requirements vary according to age, location and destination.
Warning! The person accompanying the child to check-in is required to wait 15 minutes after takeoff before leaving the airport.

People of reduced mobility

  • 14 allocated parking spaces
  • Wheelchair access ramp
  • Adapted toilets
  • Escorting service
  • Wheelchairs provided

Passengers travelling with an infant

Your baby is subjected to the same rules and regulations as you: if the country where you are travelling to requires a passport, your infant MUST possess an individual passport.
The airport provides a changing area.

Passengers transporting domesticated animals

Flight conditions depend on the airline.

  • In the hold: pets must be secured in the cages provided or sold by the airline with whom you are travelling.
  • In the cabin: securely placed in a pet travel-bag with signed authorisation from the airline..
  • Fees are specific to each airline..