Unaccompanied minors

Persons under 18, who are travelling alone, should carry a certain number of documents. The requirements vary according to age, location and destination. Warning! The person accompanying the child to check-in is required to wait 15 minutes after takeoff before leaving the airport.

People of reduced mobility

  • Number of allocated parking spaces: 14
  • Wheelchair access ramp
  • Adapted toilets
  • Escorting service
  • Wheelchairs provided

Passengers travelling with an infant

Your baby is subjected to the same rules and regulations as you: if the country where you are travelling to requires a passport, your infant MUST possess an individual passport.
The airport provides a changing area

Passengers transporting domesticated animals

Flight conditions depend on the airline.

  • In the hold: pets must be secured in the cages provided or sold by the airline with whom you are travelling.
  • In the cabin: securely placed in a pet travel-bag with signed authorisation from the airline..
  • Fees are specific to each airline..

Plan to exchange money before your trip (no International Currency Exchange at Bergerac Airport Dordogne Périgord).